MT4 tips and tricks



Templates are a great way to configure charts quickly, with all the indicators loaded simultaneously. It can be very tedious creating each chart and adding each indicator, one by one. Using a template gets around this problem. All you need to do is create the chart once, save it as a Template, and then simply apply to a new chart when required. The indicators and any color setting will be loaded instantly! Here’s how to use this great feature on the MT4 platform:

  • First, build your preferred chart layout with all your favourite indicatorsmt4-charts-template
  • Then go to Charts and scroll down to Template, which will then open a second window as shown above
  • Left click on Save Template and the following window will open:
Quantum 1 template
  • Give your Template a File name – in this case we have called it ‘Quantum one’
  • Left click the Save button on the bottom right of the window

You have now created a unique Template called Quantum one, which you can apply in seconds to any new chart, with the following steps:

  • Right click on a new chart and scroll down to Template. A second pop up window will open. Left click on Load Template: ( or you can do this in the same way as shown above from the Charts option in the primary navigation)
Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 20.07.04
  • Left click on Load Template and the following window will open:
Apply saved template
  • Left click on the Open button, and the Template will be applied to your chart with all the indicators and color settings

You can create as many Templates as you wish, and these are all saved in the templates folder associated with your MT4 account.


Profiles are another great tool to use in MT4, which give you the option to create a workspace of charts, and then to save this as a profile. This is useful in creating a default workspace, which can then be applied to several currency pairs, making it quick and easy to replicate the same profile over and over again. This saves a huge amount of time, when creating workspaces for several pairs.

Imagine you have created the following workspace for one currency pair, and now want to duplicate this as your standard trading workspace, across several other currency pairs.

Profile example
  • Once again start with the top level navigation but this time File> and scroll down to Profiles. Hover over Profiles and this will display a second menu as shown below:mt4-file-profiles
  • Scroll down to the Save As.. option and left click. The following pop up window will appear:
Profiles - audcad
  • Give your profile a name and click OK. In this case we have given this Profile a name associated with the currency pair – AUD/CAD. When we want to trade this pair then we know this profile will be ready to go with all our indicators installed. All we need to do is then change the various timeframes if required.
  • To open a saved Profile simply go to File>Profiles and all your current profiles will be displayed in the pop up window as shown below:mt4-select-profile
  • Left click on the required Profile and this will then open with your saved layout.
  • Remember, when creating your profiles, use your Template to quickly add your default indicator layout to each chart. Then save another Profile for a different currency pair and repeat this for all the major currency pairs you trade. You will then have a list of Profiles all pre configured with your charts and indicators, instantly available.
  • To remove a Profile simply hover on the Remove option above, and a further window will open with all your Profiles listed. Left click to select the one you wish to remove and left click OK.