Live Camarilla Levels for MT4/MT5


The Camarilla levels indicator works in all timeframes on both standard and custom charts, and in every market, so can be used to trade stocks, commodities, forex or indices and for both the MT4 and MT5 platforms.

So whether you’re a discretionary trader who prefers swing and trend trading, or a breakout trader who is perhaps more systematic, the Camarilla levels indicator can deliver it all. And to help you when using the indicator we’ve also included some simple messages to guide you as the various levels are approached and tested, including those all important levels for stop loss placement.


The words powerful, unique and game changing are ones that are often over used when applied to trading indicators, but for the MT4/MT5 Quantum Camarilla levels indicator, they truly describe this new and exciting indicator completely.

Why? Because the indicator has something to offer every trader, from the systematic to the discretionary and from swing trading to breakout trading. And it’s not an indicator which is simply used for entries. The Camarilla indicator delivers in all areas, from getting in to getting out as well as stop loss placement. All in one single indicator which perhaps explains its unique appeal and power to those traders in the know. Now, it’s all here just waiting for you to discover the power of the Camarilla protocol and apply this unique indicator to your own trading and investing tactics.

So what is the Camarilla protocol, how does it work and what will it do for me? These are all good questions, so let’s get straight down to basics and explain how the indicator works and how you may wish to use it.

Let’s start with the last of these questions first, as this is one of the unique aspects to this indicator. Put simply it is a chameleon of an indicator, and will appeal whether you are a more discretionary type of trader, making and taking decisions yourself, or if you prefer a more systematic or mechanical approach often associated with an EA for example. With the Camarilla levels indicator both approaches can be embraced and accommodated.

The Camarilla protocol has its roots in the open outcry trading pits, where traders considered floor pivots an essential tool. Based on these original ideas and incorporating the Camarilla equation we have developed a unique indicator which delivers clear and precise price based support and resistance levels, which act as targets for profits, triggers for potential reversals, signals for possible breakouts, and finally stop loss placement. So, if you’re a swing or reversal trader, it’s the perfect indicator. Equally if you prefer breakout trading, again it’s the perfect indicator. And all with predetermined and clear levels for any price objectives and profit targets, with stop loss placement covered also.

In other words a complete indicator, and one which is delivered with potential trading setups built in to help you see when key levels are being approached or breached. And to help you further when using the indicator, we have also included some simple messages to guide you as the various levels are approached and tested.