Trend Monitor Indicator for MT4/MT5


If you are one of the many forex traders who find it difficult to stay in a trend – help is at hand. Not once, but twice! Here you get two indicators for the price of one. The Quantum Trend Monitor will give you the confidence to stay in. With it, and the trend line, you will start to see your trading account grow, and emotional trading will be banished forever. It does what it says on the tin! Monitors the trend to help you manage your emotions and become more consistent.

And like all the other Quantum trading indicators, can be configured to your own trading style, giving you complete control.

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Currency pairs never go up or down in a straight line. They rise and fall constantly, creating pullbacks and reversals. And with each rise and fall, so your emotions rise and fall. Hope, then fear, then hope. This is when the market will try to frighten you out of a strong position. It is when you are most vulnerable.

But not if you have the Quantum Trend Monitor. And here, you even get two indicators for the price of one!

The Quantum Trend Monitor has been designed to absorb these temporary pauses and pullbacks. It analyses the price action, and only changes to a transitional color of dark red or dark blue, if the trend is showing a temporary sign of weakness. If it is a true change in trend direction, the indicator will change to a bright color, as the new trend develops.

In other words, the Quantum Trend Monitor does just that. It monitors the strength of the trend. This is displayed as a solid horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen. The trend monitor works in conjunction with the Quantum Trends indicator, helping to keep you in – guess what – the trend!! One of the hardest things to do in trading. But, with the Quantum Trend Monitor, it’s a breeze. No more closing out early and suffering from trader regret. No more emotional trading decisions. Just watch your Quantum Trend Monitor, which monitors it for you!

The Quantum Trend Monitor displays four colors at the bottom of the screen as a solid bar:

  • Bright blue – strongly bullish trend
  • Bright red – strongly bearish trend
  • Dark blue – weakness in trend
  • Dark red – weakness in trend

First, the Quantum Trends indicator alerts you to a possible new trend. If the trend is strong, the Quantum Trend  Monitor will change to either bright blue or bright red, supporting the Trends indicator as the trend develops.

Used in conjunction with a multiple-time frame approach, it is the indicator that will really make the trend your friend. Now you will be able to monitor the trends in multiple timeframes in real-time and watch the trend as it develops in the faster time-frame then moves through to your slower time-frames and all shown dynamically and graphically on the indicator.

The Quantum Trends create the signal, its sister indicator the Quantum Trend Monitor then kicks in. Together, these two indicators provide you with the perfect tools to manage your position. And guess what – it doesn’t end there.

Remember we said you get two indicators for the price of one here! Well, to help you further, the Quantum Trend Monitor comes with it’s own unique trend line, which gives you a further ‘heads up’ on the trend. For clarity and simplicity, this indicator overlays the  Quantum Trend Monitor and appears as a yellow line. The line chart shows the momentum of the trend and works as follows:

  • If the yellow trend line is above the zero line, then there is a bullish trend in place
  • If the yellow trend line is below the zero line, then there is a bearish trend in place
  • When the yellow trend line crosses the zero line, then the trend has reversed
  • The further the yellow trend line gets from the zero line, then the greater the strength and momentum of the trend

As the old saying goes – two heads are better then one. Here we could say – two indicators are better than one! Now with the Quantum Trend Monitor and the yellow trend line, you have a complete picture of the trend.

And finally.. this is the next generation of MT4 indicators and virtually all our indicators can be configured to suit your own trading style. Why? Well, you buy everything else to suit you and your personality – from clothes to cars – so why not trading indicators? After all, as a scalping forex trader you will have different requirements to a swing or trend trader. You wouldn’t buy clothes that don’t fit, so why put up with indicators that cannot be configured!! Simple.

One size fits all does not apply – in our view!

So, just like our other indicators, the Quantum Trend Monitor can be ‘tweaked’ to suit your trading style – the benefits are self evident. Your trading consistency will improve. After all, you are now using tools matched to the job. Precision trading requires precision tools and fine tuning. Don’t make do with second best.

With the Quantum Trend Monitor you are in control. Just like the volume control on your radio, you adjust the sensitivity of the indicator to suit your trading style. Turning up the sensitivity a little, alerts you earlier to periods of congestion – important if you are   purely scalping. Turn it down a little, and this will smooth out these phases.

The two indicator works in all timeframes.

Getting in is easy – staying in is hard. With the Quantum Trend Monitor and the associated yellow trend line, staying in becomes easy too!