Currency Heatmap Indicator Videos

Currency heatmap indicator for MT4

click-here-to-watch-videoThe currency heatmap indicator provides MT4 traders with an instant view of both global and local sentiment across 28 currency pairs and in nine timeframes. The heat map indicator ranks all twenty eight pairs vertically from bullish to bearish based on the performance scores, whilst horizontally against time, each cell describes the bearish or bullish sentiment in that timeframe.

Currency heatmap indicator for MT4 in action

click-here-to-watch-videoIn this short video we show the currency heatmap indicator in action for MT4. On the left of the indicator the 28 currency pairs are ranked according to bullish or bearish sentiment, whilst on the currency heatmap itself, each currency displays the sentiment for the pair across nine timeframes. In other words, 252 charts on one workspace which describes both global and local sentiment for every pair. In addition using the toggle function, you can then isolate each currency complex to reveal strength and weakness for a currency and its related pairs.