Installing, managing & moving your indicators


Downloading and installing

The download and installation process explained

Activation and enablement of the indicators is then executed using unique invitation codes which we send you on your first and any subsequent order.

Suppose for example that you want to begin by purchasing the QuantumCSI as your first order. As this is your first order, you will also be creating your Quantum Trading account, and in addition activating this indicator with the unique invitation code which we send you at the same time. At this point you have all the indicators installed on your platform, but only one, the QuantumCSI enabled. If you drag any of the other indicators to a chart, and release, they will trigger an alert to say the licence is not valid, and you need to contact the Quantum Help Desk. All this means is that you have not purchased a licence for that particular indicator.

You subsequently decide that you would like to purchase the QuantumTrendMonitor. All you do is buy in the usual way in the shopping cart, and we then send an upgrade code, to add this indicator to your account. All you need to do is to log into your Quantum Trading account, and add this upgrade code in the box, as shown below, and click the Send button when done.

New upgrade image

Your latest indicator will now be enabled and working under the same unique account code as the other indicators in your package. If you have purchased more than one indicator, then you will receive a unique code for each, which you simply enter, one at a time, click the Send button, and then repeat this process for as many as you have purchased. This procedure is also explained more fully

Transferring to a new account

You can use the download and installation link as many times as you wish, once you have purchased a lifetime licence for the indicators. The indicators will work in exactly the same way on a demo account as on a live trading account.

This means that you can transfer them from one account to another as often as you like. This is particularly relevant if you are using a demo account as these often time out after 30 days.

Once you have a Quantum Trading account, the only steps you need to follow are Steps 2 and 3 as explained in the initial installation process. Installing to a new platform will then generate a new and unique Account Code, which will then be added automatically to your Quantum Trading Account code window in your User dashboard. The steps to transfer for a new MT4 account are as follows

  • Log in to your Quantum Trading account
  • DELETE the Account Code in your User Dashboard
  • Download your new MT4 platform
  • Click the  Quantum Trading download installation link
  • Open your MT4 platform
  • Extract the MQL4 folder
  • Merge the unzipped MQL4 folder into your MT4 terminal
  • Add your email address to the docs folder
  • Enable the DLL functions under Expert Advisors as before
  • Drag and drop an indicator to a chart
  • Your indicators are now enabled on your new platform
  • Your system will now have generated and added the new Account Code in your User Dashboard

Installing to multiple pc’s

All our indicators are sold as a single user licence, but what does this mean? It means that you can use the indicators with one, or more of the same trading account simultaneously, but NOT simultaneously with different trading accounts.

As part of the verification process, the indicators check the MT4 account number, and will only work with that unique identifier. This means that you can install the indicators to several pc’s provided that they are running the same MT4 account, allowing you to have them installed on a desktop pc, but also on a laptop for travelling. There is no limit to the number of pc’s you can install the indicators to, and you will then be able to log in to your MT4 account from different locations. The verification process also includes your email address which you use to create your Quantum Trading account.

However, if you do want to run the indicators on two (or more) different MT4 accounts, then you will need to purchase a second (or subsequent) user licence, and in addition create  a second Quantum Trading account with a different email address. These can be purchased at a 50% discount from your first licence. You can of course switch back and forth from one account to another, and as outlined in the ‘Transferring to a new account’ process above.

Adding additional Quantum Trading indicators

As you will have seen, you can buy all our indicators seperately, or as a complete package. The choice is yours. Whichever you prefer, your Quantum Trading account only needs to be created once, and once done, is where you manage everything else, including adding additional indicators in due course.

As explained above and elsewhere on the site, this is done using the upgrade code. If you do decide to purchase the full package then all the indicators are enabled simultaneously using just one invitation code. All other indicators purchased separately will have their own code for each indicator.

Upgrades and new indicators

Naturally as a software developer and trading house, we are always updating our indicators, and also adding new indicators to our range. Again the procedure is very simple. Whenever we make changes to any indicator, the download installer is updated accordingly, and as a customer you will be notified of any changes. All you then need to do is simply click the download link, and install to your current MT4 account. Your indicators will be updated immediately with any changes or amendments.

The same applies to new indicators we release. Again, we will advise you as a customer, and the next time you run the downloader, these will be added to your Navigator pane. These will also appear within your Quantum Trading account in the User Dashboard area, and will then be available for purchase through the shopping cart in the usual way. Once purchased you will then receive a unique upgrade code to add this indicator to your package of indicators.