Your Quantum trading account explained

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First of all, welcome to Quantum Trading, both as a customer and as trader. We take our trading indicators, and support of you as a customer, equally seriously, and we are always here to answer your questions, and help in any way we can. We hope you will find all the answers to your questions on the site, but if not, please do not hesitate to contact us. You will receive a quick response as we understand that time is money in the trading world.

Your Quantum Trading account

Your Quantum Trading account is the central hub for managing, transferring, updating and adding to your indicators. As a new customer you will have already created your own account, and the purpose of this page is to explain some of the functions in more detail.

Log in & password

Access to your Quantum Trading account is at the following domain: 

This will take you to the following page which is the home page of your account as shown below:

Quantum Trading Home Page - JPG

By now you will have already created your unique username and password. If you have forgotten or lost your password, please click the ‘Lost your password?’ link as shown below and enter your username or email used to open the account in the box, and then click the ‘Get new password’ button. This will automatically generate a new password for you. Please check your spam if this does not appear by return.

Quantum - lost password

Please note: If you have forgotten your Username as well, then or security reasons you will need to contact us direct. Please send an email to help and title your email ‘Lost Username’. We will then get back to you to confirm this using the email address used to create the account.

Home page

HOME PAGE - Quantum

The home page of your Quantum Trading account has four menu options as follows:

  • About – this is the home page
  • User Dashboard – this is where you find the unique Account Code and your licensed indicators. The Account Code is automatically generated once you apply an indicator to a chart for the first time. Please do not enter any codes in this field or your indicators will not work. The Account Code will be filled as a soon as you download and install your indicators for the first time.
  • User Profile – create and manage your profile as well as your passwords, email and username
  • Upgrade – add your upgrade codes here as you buy other indicators. These will be sent to you each time you purchase an indicator or package
  • General Support – here you will find links to all the support pages for your indicators and general help in getting started or changing inputs on your indicators

To select any of these from the menu simply left click on the menu bar.

User Dashboard

User Dashboard

The user dashboard is central hub of your account, and the key areas are as follows:

Account Code window

The Account Code is a unique number which is automatically generated by our system. Please do not enter any codes or numbers here. When you first create your Quantum Trading account this field will be empty which is CORRECT. Once you have downloaded and installed your indicators to your MT4 account, then the Account Code will be automatically generated by the system  and your Account Code will be updated accordingly. At this point, your Account Code window will look like this:

Account Code - activated

The only time you will need to access the Account Code is when you are transferring your licence from one MT4 account to another in which case you will need to delete the old Account Code first, before downloading the indicators to a new platform. This will then allow the system to auto generate the new Account Code for the new platform. You can transfer from one MT4 account to another as often as you like, and from a demo to a live account, but each time you will first need to delete the old Account Code so that the window is blank once again. This will then allow the system to generate and add the new Account Code, once you have downloaded and installed to your new MT4 account.

Your enabled indicators

This section of the User Dashboard tells you which indicators are enabled in your Quantum Trading account. All of those in the download will be listed, but only those which you have purchased and licensed will have the (Unlimited) alongside. This means that you have purchased a lifetime licence for that particular indicator. In this case, the user has purchased the complete suite of indicators.

User Profile

User Profile

The User Profile of your account is where you can manage your Quantum Trading account  profile. These will be auto filled for you, when you first create your account. Please note, you cannot change your Username.

If you want to change your password, simply enter a New Password in the window at the bottom of the screen and confirm in the Repeat Password window. Left click the Update button to confirm, and this will then save your changed password, for your next login to your account.


As soon as you purchase an additional indicator to add to your Quantum Trading, you will be sent an ‘Upgrade’ code in the email confirmation of your order. This is an 11 series code, prefixed with the indicator reference. To enable your indicator, simply copy and paste the code into the Upgrade code window as shown above, and click the Send button when done. This will then activate and enable the indicator on your MT4 platform. There is no need to do anything else. Your Quantum Trading account will automatically detect the new indicator and enable this on the associated MT4 account. If you have purchased more than one indicator, then you will receive an upgrade code for each indicator. Please add each code separately and click the Send button after each one has been added.

General Support

General support

Here you will find all the links to various pages on the MT4 Quantum Trading site to help you get started, as well as details on how to change user inputs on your indicators, along with helpful hints and tips on the MT4 platform, FAQ’s etc.