Hardware & software compatibility

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MetaTrader 4 – MT4

The Quantum trading indicators have been designed to work on all MT4 platforms, offered by every forex broker around the world. They have been extensively tested on all the major forex broker MT4 platforms and work perfectly. From time to time MetaQuotes update their software with major or minor releases, which can affect third party vendors such as ourselves. However, rest assured we are always quick to respond and update our indicators accordingly.

MetaTrader 5 – MT5

We are currently working on porting all our indicators across to the MT5 platform. These  will be available soon.

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows

The Quantum trading indicators have been developed to work with Windows Vista, and later versions of the Windows operating system up to and including Windows 8. Our indicators will NOT WORK with Windows XP, and you will need to update your Windows  operating system.

The Quantum trading indicators require a value copy of the Windows operating system to work correctly. They will not work with any of the free open source crossover operating systems currently available for running on other hardware – see below.


PC and laptop

The Quantum trading indicators will work on all desktop or laptop pc’s running the Windows operation system.

Apple Mac

The Quantum trading indicators will work on Apple Mac desktop and laptop pc’s, under the following conditions:

  • The Windows operating system has been installed using a full Microsoft licence
  • Windows is being run under Parallels or Bootcamp in a virtual environment

Please NOTE: – you will NOT be able to load or run our indicators on a Mac using any of the free crossover programs currently available. Whilst your forex broker may offer a Mac version of the MT4 platform, this does not mean our indicators will work with it using an open source program. You will need to purchase a valid licence for Windows, and either Parallels or Bootcamp above. We recommend Parallels for many reasons, and have tested this extensively ourselves with many brokers and the indicators work perfectly in the virtual Windows environment.