Quantum Trading Indicators for MT5 Lifetime License – Installation and Activation Guide

Please read the License Agreement before installing and using the indicators.

Getting Started

Thank you for your purchase of the Quantum Trading Indicators and welcome to Quantum Trading. We really appreciate your business and if you do have any questions please just email us at helpdesk[@]quantumtrading.com and one of our support team will be happy to help you further.

Below are the simple steps you need to take to get started in installing and activating your indicators.

You can install the indicators on as many pc’s as you wish, but the indicators will only work if the MT5 account is the same on each machine. This gives you the option to install them on a laptop and desktop for example for travelling etc. If you want to install the indicators on two different accounts and run them simultaneously, then you will need to purchase a second user licence and create a second user account. Second and subsequent user licences are available at a 50% discount from the first.

Before you proceed please click the button below to download your indicators:


Step One – Creating Your Account

The first step is to create your own user account for your trading indicators, which is unique and personal to you. Once you have created your account with us, you will be able to manage your indicators, see which indicators are enabled, add other indicators that you may purchase in the future using the upgrade option, and also transfer indicators from one MT5 broker to another. Your indicators will work in the same way, whether on a live account or a demo account.

Copy and paste the following URL into your browser: (IMPORTANT – Please go back to this guide after you create your account)


This will display the following home page:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and the ‘Register’ link

Left click your mouse on the Register link and the following pop up window will appear:

This is the window where you create and register your account with Quantum Trading. Choose a unique username for your account – this can be a mixture of upper case and lower case letters and numbers. Enter this in the first box at the top. In the box below enter your preferred email address.

Finally in the third box, copy and paste the invitation code which you will find in the welcome email we sent to you following your purchase of the indicators. This is the 16 digit/character code which is unique to you. PLEASE make sure you copy and paste this code CAREFULLY to ensure there are NO spaces.

Once done, left click with your mouse on the ‘register’ button immediately below

Congratulations – you have now created your unique account with Quantum Trading and the indicators you ordered are now enabled. Please proceed to the next step to find the download link to your indicators.

Step Two – Downloading Your Indicators

You can install our indicators in the MT5 trading platform by following these easy steps:

  1. If you haven’t done this yet, please download the ZIP file above. This contains the files needed to run the indicators.
  2. Open your MT5 terminal.
  3. Click File > Open Data Folder. A new window will appear showing the folder where the indicators should reside.
  4. Extract the contents of the ZIP file to this folder. If you do not know how to extract files to a folder, please refer to the instructions below.
    1. Right-click the ZIP file (filename QTI-MT5.zip) you just downloaded.
    2. Select Open with… > Windows Explorer or File Explorer. A window will appear.
    3. The ZIP file contains a folder. Right-click the MQL5 folder and select Copy.
    4. Go back to the window opened when you clicked Open Data Folder in the last step. Right-click and select Paste.
    5. If Windows warns you about merging folders, just press Yes.
  5. You will find your new indicators in the Navigator under the tree named Quantum. Each indicator has the prefix Quantum. The package includes all our indicators but please remember that only those you purchased will work. If you do drag and drop any which you have not yet purchased, then you will be alerted with a message to contact Quantum Trading. Simply remove this indicator from any charts and the message will then disappear.

  6. Remember to tick Allow DLL imports option at the Tools > Options >Expert Advisors tab.
  7. Open a chart, run your Quantum Trading indicator and find the Account Email field in its Inputs tab. When running the Quantum Trading indicators for the first time in your trading account, you need to enter the email you used to register in the Quantum Trading Indicators Enablement System – http://enable.quantumtrading.com/ as part of its verification process. You only need to do this once as the email is stored in the terminal’s cache after it is entered initially. Please make sure that you enter your email correctly and exactly without any extra spaces before and after it. If you made an error, simply fill this field again to update it. If done correctly, your indicator should now start to work.
  8. You’re done installing the indicators! Good job!

All of your indicators are now enabled on your MT5 platform.

And that’s it.

Using Your Indicators And Transferring Them To Another Broker

The indicators work on a demo account or live account in exactly the same way – there is no difference in performance or functionality. The license only allows you to use your indicators with one MT5 account at a time. However you can use them on several machines at once, provided this is the same MT5 account.

You are free to transfer your license to other MT5 accounts whenever you wish, and as often as you like, from demo to live, or from one account to another. There are no restrictions whatsoever.

Simply login to your account at http://enable.quantumtrading.com and go to your User Dashboard. Erase the current code in the Account Code field and click on the Update button. This will remove the old account code.

To install to the new platform, follow the steps outlined above for downloading and installing and your new account code will then be updated automatically for you as part of the installation process.