Quantum Trading Indicators Trial License – Installation & Activation Guide

Please read the License Agreement before installing and using the indicators.

Installation & Activation Guide – 8 Day Trial

Getting Started

Thank you for your requesting a trial of the Quantum Trading Indicators and welcome to Quantum Trading. We really appreciate your interest, and if you do have any questions please just email us at helpdesk[@]quantumtrading.com and one of our support team will be happy to help you further. Below are the simple steps you need to take to get started in installing and activating your indicators, which will remain active for 8 days.

You can install the indicators on as many pc’s as you wish, but the indicators will only work if the MT4 account is the same on each machine. This gives you the option to install them on a laptop and desktop for example for travelling etc. If you want to install the indicators on two different accounts after the trial, and run them simultaneously, then you will need to purchase a second user licence and create a second user account. Second and subsequent user licences are available at a 50% discount from the first.

Step One – Creating Your Account

The first step is to create your own user account for your trading indicators, which is unique and personal to you. Once  you have created your account with us, you will be able to manage your indicators, see which indicators are enabled and the time left until expiry, add other indicators that you may purchase in the future using the upgrade option, and also transfer indicators from one MT4 broker to another. Your indicators will work in the same way, whether on a live account, or a demo account.

Copy and paste the following URL into your browser:


This will display the following home page:


Scroll down to the bottom of the page and the ‘Register’ link



Left click your mouse on the Register link and the following pop up window will appear:


This is the window where you create and register your account with Quantum Trading. Choose a unique username for your account – this can be a mixture of upper case and lower case letters and numbers. Enter this in the first box at the top. In the box below enter your preferred email address.

Finally in the third box, copy and paste the invitation code which you will find in the welcome email we sent to you following your purchase of the indicators. This is the 16 digit/character code which is unique to you. PLEASE make sure you copy and paste this code CAREFULLY to ensure there are NO spaces.

Once done, left click with your mouse on the ‘register’ button immediately below


You have now created your unique account with Quantum Trading. Please go to your email address that you used to register above. In your inbox you will find an email from Quantum Trading confirming your username, and also including a unique password to access your account. If this email is not in your inbox, please also check any spam folders. Once you have found your email, go back to the home page for enablement of your Quantum Indicators at:


Enter your username and password in the spaces as shown below, and left click on the ‘Log In’ button, to complete Step one. Congratulations, your account is now active!


Step Two – Downloading Your Indicators

In FEBRUARY 2014 MetaQuotes launched a major upgrade to the MT4 platform with build 600. One of the major changes which occurred was a relocation of some of the indicator directories within MT4. As a result there are now two possible download options, and the one to choose will depend on the build level of your MT4 platform.

 The first step is to check on the build level of your MT4 platform, and then to select the correct installation procedure from the two options below.

How to check the build level

step 2 fig 1

Open your MT4 platform and left click View >Terminal from the drop down menu. This will display the Terminal window at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down and look for the ‘Market’ tab in the navigation bar as shown below.

step 2 fig 2

If it is listed, then your platform is running on build 600 or above. If you have NO MARKET TAB then it is an OLD version of MT4 and you will need to follow Option 2 below.

You can also check the build level as follows:

Left click on Help from the top level navigation. In the drop down menu left click on About as shown below.

step 2 fig 3

This will display the following window:

step 2 fig 4


Option One Download and installation process for MT4 build level 600 and above

There are only two steps required as follows:

Step One

Log in to your Quantum Trading Account

Step Two

Click on the following link which will take you to the download page which includes the download link, along with all the details of how to install the indicators. PLEASE REMEMBER TO COMPLETE STEP THREE ONCE INSTALLED

Download and installation for build 600 and above

The page will look like this. Here you will find the download link and instructions for installing the indicators for build 600 and above. Simply follow the steps explained here to install your indicators.

(Please note – we have also included the old download link here – please ignore this if you are installing to build 600 and above)

step 2 fig 5

Option Two Download and installation process for OLD MT4 build level – BEFORE build 600

Below is the link to download your indicator:

Download here – click the link 

Click on this link which will take you to a download page within the Quantum Trading site as shown here – MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED IN FIRST!


Left click on the ‘Download Quantum Indicators Installer’ and this will begin the download installation to your computer.

Once the download is finished, double left click on the QTI Setup download, and the installer wizard will then take you through the installation process. The following window should now appear. If it doesn’t please check your browser or any security software on your computer which may have temporarily quarantined the download as a protective measure. If this continues, you may need to deactivate any security software temporarily, or alter the settings to allow the download to execute fully.


Left click on the ‘Run’ button and this window will  appear:


Left click on the ‘Next >’ button, and the following window will appear:


Please note, that the Next button is greyed out at this stage. This is perfectly normal.

In the bar at the top of the window, there is a small black down arrow. Left click on this down arrow, and the wizard will then reveal all the MT4 broker platforms installed on your computer, along with the Program locations.

As you may know, most MT4 brokers default their platforms to the C:\Program Files (x86) location on your computer, but some do not, and will be installed directly to the C:\ location. Forex.com is one such example. However, you do not have to worry about this at all, as the wizard will automatically find these for you on your computer automatically.


Simply scroll down the list of MT4 brokers on your computer and left click on the one where you would like your indicators installed.

Your Next > button will no longer be greyed out, and the MT4 broker you have selected will now appear in the window at the top of the wizard.

The screen should now look like this:


Left click the Next > button – the following window will appear:


The wizard has confirmed the location for the installation, but you can change this if you wish, using the Browse button shown above.

However, if you are happy with the location for your installation simply left click the Next > button. The following window will appear asking you to confirm that you are happy to install to an existing folder.


To confirm left click the Yes button.

The following window will then appear which confirms the location of the Program Files and your selected MT4 broker. If you are happy with the selection, simply left click the Install button at the bottom of the wizard, and your indicators will be installed in the correct locations on your platform, along with the enablement files.


The wizard will take a few seconds to install all the files and when this is complete, the following window will appear.

The installation is finished and simply left click on the Finish button to exit the installer.


That wasn’t so hard was it! Now all we need to do is to activate your indicators and away you go!

Step Three – Activating Your Indicators

Now that you have your indicators installed on your MT4 platform, the third and final step is to enable them using your Quantum Trading account.

First, log in to your MT4 broker account where you installed your Quantum Trading indicators, and before doing anything else we need to check a couple of settings which will ensure that the security systems are enabled. Miss this step and your indicators will not work!

In the top level navigation, left click on ‘Tools’ and from the drop down menu left click ‘Options’. In the pop up window that appears, left click on the ‘Expert Advisors’ tab. This will open the following window:


You need to make sure that the Allow DLL imports box is ticked.

This will allow your Quantum Trading indicators to communicate with the security files protecting the software. Left click ‘OK’ to confirm any changes and close this window.

Next, head back to the top level navigation in your MT4 account and look for the ‘View’ option. Left click on View and from the drop down menu select ‘Navigator’. Scroll down to the ‘Custom Indicators’ selection, and left click on the small + symbol alongside. This will open the following window with all the custom indicators displayed. Scroll down to the bottom of this window and you will find all your Quantum Trading Indicators here, starting with the prefix : ‘Quantum’.

Quantum - full

To add one of the Quantum Indicators to a chart, you will need to drag and drop the indicator onto the chart. To do this, simply hold down the left click on your mouse, and drag one of the indicators onto your chart holding down the left mouse click. Then release the left mouse click and the indicator will be dropped onto the chart.

The following message will then appear on the chart with your unique account code as shown here:


An alert will appear which says :

Please login to your account and enter this number in your account dashboard

Don’t press OK just yet

Copy the account code generated above, and go back to your Quantum Trading account, and log in ( or you may have already logged in earlier). Please make sure you do NOT include any white space when copying this number.

On the home page of your Quantum Trading account select User Dashboard from the left hand navigation menu:


Select the User Dashboard which will then open the following window and paste your account code in the box as shown. When done, simply click the ‘Update’ button to complete and activate your indicators.


Congratulations, your indicators are now enabled.

The system will then confirm this with the message ‘Profile successfully updated’.


Now go back to your MT4 platform and left click on the OK button.


All of your indicators are now enabled on your MT4 platform.

You can now reload the indicator by switching timeframes and the indicator should then be working correctly. Load your other indicators onto your charts, and these should also be working. Again you may need to switch timeframes to reload each indicator after initially adding them to the chart.

And that’s it.

MT4 Brokers – Prefix and Suffix On Pairs

Most MT4 brokers use the standard quoting convention on their platforms, where any pair is simply quoted in the conventional way as GBP/USD or USD/JPY. However, one or two brokers differentiate their platforms by adding a prefix or a suffix to the quotation, and if this is the case with your MT4 broker, then there is an additional step which is required when installing two of the Quantum Trading indicators, namely the CSI and the DXY.

When you drag and drop the indicator onto your chart, the following pop up window will appear:


In the top level navigation, select the Inputs tab, and then left click in the Value box to enter the Prefix or the Suffix codes used by your broker. The above is for the CSI indicator, but the same window will appear for the DXY indicator. If your MT4 broker does use a prefix or suffix on any currency pairs, then these two indicators will ONLY WORK, if these input fields are correct.

You can manage all your indicators from inside your Quantum Trading account, which also shows you which indicators are enabled in your User Dashboard. In addition, for your free trial, this will also display the number of days remaining. At the end of the 8 day free trial period, the indicators will automatically stop working.


If you wish to transfer your indicators to another MT4 broker, this can all be done using your Quantum Trading Account. All you need to do is to repeat Step 2 and Step 3 ( ignore Step 1 as you already have an account). This will then generate a new Account Code for you which you copy and paste into your User Dashboard as before.

You can update your User Profile in the left hand navigation, to change your password, email and personal details.

The Update page is used if you would like to buy these indicators following the trial period, and we hope you do of course!

This is explained in a separate document. If you would like to go ahead and purchase, please just send an email to helpdesk@quantumtrading.com and we will be delighted to help further.

Finally just to round off with a couple of other points.

Your indicators are now fully enabled and will continue to work for the trial period of the license on any MT4 broker platform. However, whenever you log out of your MT4 platform, or shut down your computer, when you log back in to your MT4 account, you will need to switch timeframes to reload the indicators. So for example when you log back into your account, simply change a chart from 5m to 15m and then back again and your indicators will be reloaded and active once more.

Last, if you did click the OK button when first obtaining your Account Code – DON’T WORRY! Simply drag any indicator back onto the chart and the same message will reappear with your Account Code.

Thank you once again for requesting your free trial. We wish you every success with your trading, and look forward to hearing from you once your trial period is over, and hope that this free trial will convince you to go ahead and purchase a lifetime license for some or all of the indicators.